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What Makes Me Different As A Personal Trainer?

Having been overweight myself for a couple of years, (me not looking my best, in photo on right !) I understand what it feels like to walk into a gym full of thin, fit looking people. It isfat photo completely nerve and soul destroying.  Being overweight, I lost more confidence the more weight I gained, I would eat more and as a result, I would feel worse.  It is a vicious circle.  I only got my self – esteem back when I lost the weight, learned how to keep it off and vowed never to put it on again.

Most of my life I was thin and fit, but I went through a couple of unhealthy years, when my athletics career finished and I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I had been involved in a strict athletics training regime, for most of my life. Not only did I have a lack of confidence, but being overweight also made me feel drained and exhausted all the time,
stressed out, and I felt worthless. It was only when I took that first step
into the gym at the age of 22, did I feel a surge of energy and happiness
when I left.

382617_207910876023092_490516519_n beside fat photo or in galleryI have since spent the last 20 odd years exercising on every cardio and
resistance machine known to man!  I loved it that much, I decided to go back into education and get qualified as a Personal Trainer, in order to help others to achieve their goals!  I have never looked back!!

I am dedicated, determined and passionate to ensure clients reach
their goals in as fun a way as possible. I think it is important that clients work as hard as possible, but at the same time,  it is vital to me that clients have a bit of a laugh, if at all possible.

I make it my mission to guide men and women towards the benefits of weight training, not only for the body shape transformation, regular weight training can achieve, but also the health benefits.  I now have an army of women as well as men, who believe in the wonders of weight training.

When I started out nearly ten years ago, I was determined to introduce women to weights.  At that time, I discovered a large amount of women had  ingrained in their minds, that weight training would equate to bulky muscle and masculine physiques.  That mind-set was difficult to shift.  However over the years, women’s' mind-sets have changed significantly.  A lot of women I train thoroughly enjoy weights.

The main thing for women to remember, is pound for pound, muscle is less bulky than fat and regular weight training will lead to a slim, toned physique.  I am so proud of the women and men I train and it is so rewarding as a job, to see clients achieve their goals.  After all, they have put in the hard work!!

Being in my 40s, I enjoy training people of all ages, from late teens to 70 years old and plus. Exercise and healthy nutrition has helped me to stay quite young looking and healthy and I often get complimented on looking young for my age. Maybe they just have bad


Why You Should Join UGETFIT

I get results and have a proven track record. My client testimonials speak for themselves. I have sucessfully built up a personal training business from scratch. Exsiting clients have recommended me to friends/other people.

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Why You Should Join UGETFIT

I have been overweight myself and know how to get weight off and keep it off. I have successful male clients who have put on muscle and maintained/got bigger to their goal requests. I am patient, I listen, am a good motivator and know how to get the best out of my clients.